Monday, February 8, 2010

Maximize Number of Pictures

The HAR site allows for 16 pictures to be displayed for each listing. You should always display the maximum number of pictures allowed! Two studies have shown the value in using the maximum number of pictures.

A study of houses on showed that listings with multiple pictures get viewed 6 times more than listings with a single picture. And more online views means more potential buyers.

A study in the Arlington, Virginia area showed that houses that displayed the minimum number of pictures were on the market on average over twice as long as those that had the maximum number of pictures.

What should you do?
  • Ensure all of your listings use the maximum number of pictures.
  • Use a virtual / photo tour to include even more photos. It's important to remember that homebuyers searching online can use the search function to view only houses that have a virtual tour included. If a potential buyers searches for houses with virtual tours and your listing does not have one, your listing will not be seen by the potential buyer.

How can Houston Home Images help?
  • For every listing, we will provide you with the maximum number of pictures optimized for HAR.
  • We know that loading pictures on HAR can be cumbersome. The price for our photography includes loading onto HAR.
  • Our virtual / photo tour gives you the chance to show more than 16 photos. We never have a set number of pictures that we take--we will take however many are needed to fully showcase your house.